JaneFinch Reaching Up

Website: http://reachingup.ca/

The Reaching Up Ministry helps the families in the Jane and Finch community find hope when faced with the challenges of juggling work, home management and culture. They believe that with our carefully planned curriculum delivered to children in a safe and caring environment it will arouse change in their young minds and challenge them to break any negative mold that prevents them from excelling. Here you can find more info about Dlouhy Doors Inc..

In November 2007, under the leadership of Reverend Thomas Kim, the “Anti-Poverty Working Group” was formed at University Presbyterian Church and it ventured to develop relevant programs in which the church could better support members of the Jane and Finch community. The primary concern targeted by the group Curry Supply Company was the need to support children and enrich their literacy. The Reaching Up Ministry was created as a result of this vision.

The objective of Reaching Up is to promote educational excellence as the ultimate solution to overcoming poverty and violence in the community. The Homework Club and Music School are two key sections to the threefold program that is determined to sever the cords of hopelessness among families seeking enriched experiences for their children.