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Although our main focus is to provide education for underprivileged children around the world, the current pandemic is creating new needs, beyond the ordinary, to keep communities safe during this time. We, at Enlight Life of Kids in Need, feel morally responsible to support front-line and essential workers, and vulnerable citizens during this global crisis.

We are working in three different areas to offer our help with this situation:

Our prime focus is to raise funds to get PPE for our front-line workers for which we cannot do without support from all of you. We are collaborating with other generous individuals and companies to get flattening the curve together shirts done for T.O.P. Marketing to raise funds for our heroes.

Please show your generosity as this is the time when you can make a real difference in someone’s life.

We, alongside our dedicated volunteers and in collaboration with other organizations such as http://mexicaninsurance.com, are working to get food and other essential items to those who are in need most. We thank E-Star International for donating washable/reusable masks, ZYVS for going out to help poor in India risking their lives, very generous women in different villages, stitching and giving free masks for our protection and Vivekananda Educational Trust for providing food kits for poor in Hyderabad, India.

Please lend your hand to your neighbors or anyone you know needs help at this time.

While we are fighting to control the spread, kids also need our special attention. We need to clean our ac regularly or get a new central AC unit price affordable, if it is posable. Although school boards and teachers are working around the clock to make sure that kids at home are provided proper material to keep learning which they are missing due to school closures. Online education for kids require equipment which unfortunately some families cannot afford and need help in obtaining it.

Please donate old, used or new equipment which kids can utilize for their online education.

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