Provide education to underprivileged children in India

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200 CAD donated

We are working to provide education to a batch of 100 students in India. Our focus is currentlly on the state of Haryana. The selected  students belong to various government schools in and around the Ambala city area.

Click here to view the information of individual students selected for this program.

Enlight sees every child as our responsibility. We have seen the dramatic difference education makes first-hand in the day-to-day lives of children, and we assert that being able to learn in a safe and healthy environment is a right for every child, everywhere.

Enlight’s mission is to bring education to underprivileged children wherever in the world there is need and wherever we can help. We do not discriminate based on faith, ethnicity or gender.

So, we are putting our knowledge and our networks to work with a giving solution that will make a tangible difference immediately . We are not reinventing the wheel — we are enhancing existing efforts on the ground, where we, and you, can make the most tangible difference.

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